A difficult weekend for me:
- One site we have a great race-weekend. This weekend our last Race-event. The European Championship Pancar 1/12 2020. I hope everybody enjoy it.
On this moment i want to thank the Efra, Ally, Bjarne, the Technical Control Team, the Kitchen crew, Dave and off course the people how help this week.
- Other site the last Race weekend.
I started complete new in this Electro Area but in the years we learn a lot. Also I think we had done a great Job off all these 7 years.
Next week only Thursday 12-03-2020 (from 12.00 till 22.00) and Saturday 14-03-2020 (from 10.00 till 18.00) we are open for free practice onroad. The offroad track is closed.
On this moment I want to thank every-one for Trust in us.
I hope we will back soon.
Robert Meulenberg