SkyRC Brushless Motor Analyzer

SkyRC Brushless Motor Analyzer



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SKYRC motor analyzer is a precision electronic device that is especially designed for measuring the KV value, RMP, current drawn, motor timing, vibration noise level and checking the function of hall effect sensors of a brushless motor. It comes with a 2X16 characters LCD that is able to display real time measuring value of either sensor or sensor-less brushless motor.


  • KV(RPM per Volt) Show the rotor RPM/Volt at a certain throttle power level.
  • U(VOLT) Show the input voltage to motor checker.
  • RPM(Revolution Per Minutes) Show the rotor revolution at a certain throttle power level.
  • I(AMP) Show the current drawn by the motor at a certain throttle power level.  
  • MOTOR TIMING: Physical endbell timing, usually between 0 and 70 degrees, requires tools to rotate the sensor board.  
  • NOISE LEVEL: Poor assembly motor, inferior bearing and unbalanced rotor can generate a vibration. Whenever a motor in air vibrates, it causes compression waves in the air. These waves move away from the motor as sound or noise.
  • Vibration noise of motor is adverse the performance of motor. By measure the noise level of motors, you can select the less noise motor.
  • The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit used to express noise level in this motor analyzer.  
  • Phase A, B and C Sensor Timing: Show the actual timing of three sensor elements seperated.  


Scope of Supply:

  1. SKYRC Brushless Motor Analyzer
  2. Motor Sensor Cable
  3. Motor cables with 3.5mm banana connector and Crocodile Clip
  4. DC Input Power Cable with XT60 connector and 4mm banana connectors
  5. DC Input Power Cable with XT60 connector and Tamiya connector

Technical Data

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 136,5 x 80,6 x 24,5mm 
  • Net Weight: 282gram (Without Cable)
  • Input Voltage: 7.4-8.4V (Suggested to Use 7.4V 2S 1P LiPo Battery)
  • LCD Display Screen: Blue Backlight Background, White Text, 16 Characters X 2 Lines
  • KV Value Accuracy:   +/- 3%
  • Motor Timing Accuracy:  +/- 4%
  • Motor Timing Range:   0-70°
  • Noise Level Measurement Range:   60dB - 120dB
  • Supported Motor:   Sensor or Sensor-less Brushless Motor (2 Poles to 36 Poles)
  • Current Drawn Less Than 30A at 8.4V Without Loading