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RAY X4F 2022 Luxury Electric 1:10 FWD Car SHIPPING 

With the Xray X4F, the next generation of Frontwheel drive car from Xray is waiting for you.

The car comes along with a completely new design and some innovative solutions and exclusive details which you have never seen before.

The reinforced and updated V2 parts from the X4 touring car platform are also included in the X4F kit.

Every passionated FWD driver will get a fast and reliable car when choosing the Xray X4F.

New Features of the Xray X4F FWD car:
• Unique CFF™ - Carbon Fiber Fusion upper and lower suspension arms for outstanding handling & durability
• All suspension components mount directly to the CFF™ arms without any additional brackets, inserts or bushings for accuracy and reliability
• ARS suspension with highly adjustable geometry settings including roll center, caster and an active toe adjustment
• Precision Hudy Spring Steel™ pivot balls in all suspension pivots for smooth suspension movement
• All-new hubs are universal front and rear to reduce the number of spares for easier maintenance
• New anti-roll bar shapes match the updated mounting points on the CFF™ suspension arms
• All-new aluminum shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions for maximum adjustability
• All-new upper bulkheads with caster inserts for quick setup changes feature centering pins for precise installation and improved reliability
• Lower bulkheads updated with raised diff height option for improved cornering speed
• Bulkheads and motor mount feature centering pins for easy assembly and consistent geometry setting
• Motor mount features two battery backstops with integrated adjustable belt tensioners
• Perfectly symmetrical chassis designed to work with the all-new CFF™ suspensions, motor mount and bulkheads
• All-new top deck with a narrow shape for easier installation & improved handling
• Various Multi-Flex settings out of the box
• Rear body mounting system is connected directly to the chassis for improved downforce and traction
• Adjustable front body up-stop system incorporated into the front upper arm allows for lower front body positioning to improve high speed steering & stability
• Updated battery holder with graphite spacers for a more secure battery mounting
• Updated gear diff  that improves consistency & forward traction
• New super narrow, lightweight & perfectly balanced wheel hubs
• New longer driveshafts for better stability and drivetrain efficiency
• Improved steering system with a more efficient geometry and lower height for reduced play and more consistency & adjustability
• All-new aluminum steering arms included in the kit with improved geometry
• All-new steering bridge with adjustable steering backstop to control steering angle

Technische Spezifikation
Car Kits Onroad: Front Wheel Drive FWD
Scale: 1:10